The SimpliBank platform is a hosted and managed, low-cost, abridged Core Banking System. SimpliBank has/supports multiple features:

  • A standard double entry accounting system.
  • Multiple types of accounts- savings, current, money transfer, loan etc.
  • Customer and network management modules.
  • Definable interest accrual and posting system based on Indian banking guidelines.
  • Configurable limits and fees as per RBI’s AML/CFT requirements.
  • Secure signature (OkeKey) booklet.
  • Real-time transactions through a three factor authentication system.
  • User/system management and audit trails.
  • Integration with multiple interfaces like mobile, internet etc.

  • The platform and technology services are also used by our Affiliate partners. Our banking partners have endorsed and extended the platform and technology services to other Business Correspondents.

    MultiLink is a business correspondent using Online CSP platform and technology services to enrol and service customers for banking products.

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